Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eat Bulaga Indonesia Opening July 16, 2012

"Eat Bulaga" Now Has Franchise in Indonesia

"Eat Bulaga" trademark and other associated copyrights owned by TAPE, Inc. and GMA-7

We Pinoys are very much used to it of having aired shows on Philippine network which are actually franchised or if not slightly copied from Foreign movies/shows.. But this time is the other way around, when our dear Indonesia neighbor decided to franchise the longest running noontime variety show of 33 years in history! With the same title, the Indonesian Eat Bulaga aired last July 16th.

Tape Inc. Senior Vice President and COO Malou Choa-Fagar said in an interview with Yahoo! Philippines OMG!that it was the Indonesian network SCTV who contacted them about a possible franchise.

The COO said in the above mentioned interview, “It was they (Indonesia’s Surya Citra Televisi or SCTV) who approached us... The program director Harsiwi Achmad has been watching “Bulaga” on YouTube even before he was not yet with SCTV. He studied the show closely and felt it will work in Indonesia.”

And the pilot show, according to the same article, found great success in ratings.

The Eat Bulaga Indonesia cast

This marks as a new achievement for the show "Eat Bulaga", a show that has been on air for the past thirty-three years. I am just so amazed of how our dear neighbor Indonesia found the show I loved so much fun & worth following too.. As both countries (Philippines & Indonesia) practice very close family ties, extended families and community oneness which we witness most at Eat Bulaga- being loving and caring especially to those who are in need of comfort & laughter!

The Indonesian Eat Bulaga airs every 4 PM in Indonesia at the SCTV network.

The Philippines’ oldest and most successful variety show, Eat Bulga, which airs Mondays through Saturdays at noontime is now shown in Indonesia. Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV), an Indonesian TV Network, obtained a franchise from TAPE Inc. (Eat Bulaga’s Producer) through a deal last month to produce their own version of the show bearing the same title and format.

eat bulaga indonesia

The Indonesian version will also be filled with entertainment, fun, games, prizes, and inspirations. There will be versions for Pinoy Henyo(“Indonesia Pintar”), Juan For All, All For Juan (“One For All, All For One”), Bulagaan (“Bolagaan”), and Karaoke Stud.

Eat Bulaga’s host, “Bossing” Vic, will also have his own counterpart in the Indonesian version called Uya Kuya, literally, Boss Uya. TheDabarkads (the term Eat Bulaga use for the hosts and fans alike), on the other hand, is translated as “Bulagang”.

Watch and let's unite both Filipinos and Indonesians in being more loving to family, friends & community and also the spirit of joy!

Congratulations both Eat Bulaga Indonesia & Eat Bulaga Philippines! God bless and more power!

Eat Bulaga! Indonesia is an afternoon variety program on SCTV network in Indonesia, with its first episode premiering on July 16, 2012. The show is a franchise of the Filipino variety show on television and the longest-running noontime variety program on air in the history of Philippine Television, Eat Bulaga!. Eat Bulaga also holds the record to be the longest Daily show in the world.


Malou Choa-Fagar, senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.) revealed that SCTV was the first to approach them. Program director Harsiwi Achmad has been watching the show on Youtube before she moved to SCTV. Achmad felt that the program was entertaining and education that can spread positive values and get close with the community. Feeling that it would work well with Indonesian audience, Achmad contacted Marketing Creative Service Advisor, Gerry C. Guzman, a Filipino, who then became a way for the SCTV and Filipino executives to negotiate. Kebon Jeruk, Director of Programs and Production at Studio Penta SCTV, agreed became interested, too, with the program, saying that he wants the program to be as successful as the original program.

The program airs at 4:00PM (Indonesian Time) as an afternoon show, a deviation from the original variety show which premieres at noontime, this was to consider the viewers' prayers time according to Islam. The first season is set for 13 weeks, as a trial period.[1][2][3]


Eat Bulaga! Indonesia has so far adapted 3 current and 1 former games or segments from the original program:

  • Bolagaan
  • Karaoke Stud (Jagoan Karaoke)
  • One For All, All For One (Satu Untuk Semua, Semua Untuk Satu)
  • Indonesia Genius (Indonesia Pintar)
  • They Also adapted the Bulagaan every saturday